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A New Lens For A New Year

Since we are still at the beginning of the new year, I encourage you at some point, to spend a little block of time reflecting back on 2018: What was the theme of your year? Did you experience disappointments? What do you consider your accomplishments? As a coach, I would be remiss if I didn't do the same and I wanted to share a snippet of my findings.

My life's theme for 2018 was growth - both personally and professionally. I started the year in the middle of a personal growth spurt that resulted from tackling an issue that had absolutely plagued me for years. I had learned to live around it fairly successfully (at least from the outside looking in) but I had reached a point of stagnation that put me on the virtual hamster wheel. Choosing to change this part of my life required insight, true grit, intention and endurance. I knew it would not be a 'cake walk' but I also knew the end result would be positive and life-altering for me. I would be free to grow and discover new experiences that would lead me to my True Self - the person I was created to be. I can honestly say that my assumption was right!  I have been on this new path for some time now and I see and experience life through a whole new lens. Which brings me to 2019, my profession and you.

U Power Coaching was created out of a desire to speak into people's lives and to help them think outside of their own box, to help them become their own best friend and find value inside themselves. For me it's not a career I chose as much as it chose me. It took me many years to fine tune my career design but it all comes down to this; I have a natural interest and ability to see beyond the barriers. I am energized and joyful when I work with people in this way!  And because of this, I know there is a natural talent or ability in you that once "tapped into" will flourish! 

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