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Disappointment is a Downer!

Disappointment - it's a feeling that comes when we feel let down, or when our hope is deferred.  Yet most likely anyone reading this blog has at sometime or another been disappointed.  Maybe a potential job fell through or that bonus didn't come when you had hoped.  I think the worst disappointment is when you have hope in a person and feel let down.  Maybe you hope a certain person will remember your birthday or call you when you are sick.  People will always disappoint us.  The thing to remember is that you are not defined by the act that disappointed you.  If your best friend let you down or a spouse or significant other doesn't acknowledge a personal victory, you are still important.  You are not a reflection of someone's oversight, thoughtlessness or disregard.  That's not to say being disappointed doesn't hurt.  It can hurt very much.  Remember that YOU are still fabulous regardless of what someone else does or doesn't do!

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