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Intentionally Intentional

I read an article the other day that states middle-aged women are among the least healthy in this country!  Why?  Because we are jugglers.  We try to balance everything and everyone to make sure all is well in every compartment of our lives; our children and all that they need and do, our spouses (if we have one), our jobs, our friends, and our aging parents.  This leaves very little time for us as women to take care of our personal or emotional health.  After a while our bodies start to show the wear and tear.  So what can we do?  

We can start by being INTENTIONAL.  We can spend a little time first thing in the morning nurturing ourselves with a few moments of quiet, coffee, exercise, or whatever else we need.  We can take a moment (or two) during our lunch to breathe deeply and think about the blessings in our lives.  And on the ride home from work (mine is an hour) we can listen to music or audio books or maybe drive in the lovely silence.  Once the evening juggling is done, before we flop into bed, we can do one more thing.  Maybe a cup of tea, a 30 minute show or a chapter in a book.  The key to any of this is to be INTENTIONAL.  We have to make ourselves a priority especially since we have so many balls in the air.  If we don't take the time we need, we won't be around to take care of those who need us.

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