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Roadmap to Resolutions

On January 1 of every year, millions of people are making promises to themselves --to stay fit by going to the gym, drinking less alcohol, getting a new job, making new friends -- unfortunately many of these self promises will fall by the wayside within just a matter of days or weeks.  The reason for this: we all need a plan.  We need a ROADMAP to our resolutions.  To say, "I will quite smoking" without having a plan in place to handle the hard or stressful days, or what to do when your friends light up is a set up to fail. When we fail at something, we get discouraged and feel bad about ourselves and figure we might as well throw in the towel. The key is to remember that REAL change takes time and effort and intention and a sincere desire to change.  You will make mistakes along the way but the more you keep at it, the more successes you will have.  Don't give up!  Keep trying, keep a record of what works and what doesn't. So make your roadmap, plan out those resolutions and kick some butt in 2019!!!


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