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What's Your Normal

Did you know that 98.6 is no longer considered a person's NORMAL temperature? It ranges closer to 97 but can fluctuate according to each individual.

When I became a counselor nearly 20 years ago, my deep desire was to help people feel NORMAL. I had so many people saying, “I don’t feel normal.”, “Is this normal?” “What is the norm for dating?” My goal was/is to help people understand what their normal is.

Normal contains the word NORM. A norm is what is an acceptable behavior found in certain groups, cultures, etc. So a norm can be found anywhere. At work, in a restaurant, at school, even on the road while driving. We all follow certain norms. But at the heart of it all, what I wanted to accomplish was finding what is normal for me.

Normal is what works for you and your life. Normal is what works for me and my life. It's an individual concept. When we live out what works for us as individuals we find contentment, joy and peace. Looking outside of ourselves for how to live causes discontentment, confusion and frustration.

So Design your own life ... what works for you and the people in your world is what is NORMAL. Simple as that.

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