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Coaching Packages



As human beings, we are naturally drawn to the narrative due to our instinctual curiosity and our complex psychological makeup that wires us for the sharing of information through storytelling.

Studies confirm that social storytelling -- like gossip -- is responsible for more than 65% of conversations had in public. Sixty-five percent of all conversation is a lot of storytelling! Why is this important? Stories sell. It stands to reason that if you approach producing online content like you're sharing important information with friends, you'll gain much better engagement with your brand.

U Power Storytelling provides:

  • Hands-on exploration of you, your work history and life
  • Stories / Anecdotes supporting your skills and abilities
  • Re-orienting to your personality style and most rewarding pathways
  • Confidence in "Telling, not Selling" strategy to show your best self



Navigating your personal advancement, through the job market today to build your career, is a complex and ever-changing process. As a long-time career coach and counselor, I am all too familiar with the immediate challenges and stresses that can coincide with major career decisions. The right career resources and strategies -- along with clear direction and execution -- are key!

U Power Career Management provides a positive base of knowledge to launch a successful and rewarding job identification, search, and application through completion for people: 

  • Re-Entering the Marketplace
  • Experiencing Layoff (Now What?)
  • Creating Your Career Story (Storytelling)
  • Baby Boomers – “Phase 2”
  • Career Transition



Maybe you’ve been taken off-guard recently, or faced a change you were not expecting. Were you recently going through a relationship change, or heading back to college, or unsure of your career? Maybe you were considering a new move, but for whatever reason, still can’t find the internal power to get it focused!

Life By Design Coaching is for the individual who is ready to really 'power-up' their life, and to make some serious, long-needed transitions or changes.


For the Recent Grad or New Professional just getting started or transitioning into college or a new career.  

Navigating the job market today is a complex and ever-changing process. As a long-time career coach and counselor, I am all too familiar with the immediate challenges and stresses that coincide with job search. Having the right new career resources, powerful tools and direction increases self-confidence, motivation and provides you with a positive platform to launch a successful, rewarding job search.  

U Power Coaching will help you confidently move forward in your life, college and/or career search.  If you are overwhelmed, confused or not sure of what’s next, I will help you get clarity and plan accordingly. We will identify what it is you actually want to do; create a persuasive 90 second elevator speech pitch to “Sell Yourself” and we will identify any roadblocks while creating strategies that enable you to move forward steadily with confidence and assurance into a role that fits like glove.

  • Personality Assessment: identifies personal style, strengths and weaknesses and promotes discovering who you are, what you want to do, and what value you bring to the work world
  • Individual Coaching - 12 coaching sessions with email access between sessions
  • Stand Out Resume
  • All-star LinkedIn
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Branding
  • Mock Interviewing and Strategies
  • Body Language
  • Networking - create powerful networking strategies
  • Resume Summary
  • Presentation Skills

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