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The Happiness Factor

A specialized program for Human Resources Professionals featuring an exploration of employee engagement where positively influencing workplace culture is the key to success.

Today we are right in the middle of a major transformation in the workplace. No longer are we focused on tasks or simply knowledge we get from employees, the focus is now on the total work experience for the employee. The employee experience is defined as a set of perceptions that employees have about their experiences at work in response to their interactions with the organization.

"Researchers indicate that workers have three prime needs: interesting work, recognition for doing a good job and being let in on things going on in the company."
-Zig Ziglar

In 2019, it's predicted that companies will increase their employee engagement/retention budget by 45%. Currently, turn-over costs are estimated to be 100%-300% of the base salary of the replaced employee. The bottom line is employee engagement and retention is more important than ever. The role of people in organizations is at the forefront of business today, therefore having the knowledge, tools, strategies and skills needed to create a positive employee experience is imperative. 

This workshop explores the core facets associated with a positive employee experience:  

  • Belonging - feeling part of a team, group or organization
  • Purpose - understanding why one's work matters
  • Achievement - a sense of accomplishment in the work done
  • Happiness - the pleasant feeling arising in and around work
  • Vigor - the presence of energy, enthusiasm and excitement at work

The main objectives:

  • Identifying what the ideal employee experience is in today's workplace.
  • How organizations can begin to drive more positive and human employee experiences.
  • Demonstrating the measurable impact a positive employee experience has on major outcomes.